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Complete Book Design

Your book consists of multiple parts and our complete cover-to-cover service will help you get your book from manuscript to bookshelf in a seamless professional manner. If you want to familiarise yourself with the different parts of a book, please see this article.

Your first steps

Your manuscript needs to be supplied to us complete and professionally edited. It can be supplied in any of the following formats: word, google docs, open document, pdf. If you need to locate an editor, please visit the Institute of Professional Editors. Please see this article on how you should supply your manuscript.
You need to supply any images that are to be included in the text or on the cover, which may be in any high resolution digital format, or a photographic print. You also need to provide any text to be included on the back cover of your book, the title, copyright and dedication pages.

Once we have those things, and we’ve had a discussion about the size and format of your book we’re ready to go. Please download this checklist.

Our next steps


We take your manuscript and ‘lay it out’. That is, we set the text in the typeface and position the text and any image elements on the page in the way your readers will see them. We recommend a selection of fonts for text and titles based on reader experience and the style and tone of your book.


We create a front and back cover design to suit the style of book we are producing. The format of the book includes its overall size and the type of finishing, whether it is hardback, paperback, or digital only.

Your next steps

You need to take time to check the whole book thoroughly at this stage. We provide you with a digital proof of the book, which you must read completely and thoroughly.
Our costings allow for minor typographic and layout changes or alterations. However, any major changes to the text, such as adding new material or deleting material that alters the length of the text, usually affects other elements and requires additional design time, and we will charge for that. Please download this checklist for checking your book.

Our next steps


We allocate an ISBN (a unique book identifier number) to your title and register the number with the data services that help make your book discoverable. Each version of your book requires a separate ISBN, so if you have Hardback, Paperback, Kindle and ePub versions of your book, you will need 4 ISBNs allocated. This is because each edition is a unique object and will be stock as a unique item by booksellers and libraries.


By production, we mean moving your project from the design studio into print or electronic manufacture. Different books often require different production values (the quality of covers and paper, whether there is colour to be printed, the size and quality … for example). We make sure you understand what is involved in producing the final book and how that will best be undertaken. Production systems can range from making a few books for a limited number of readers, to ensuring your books can be delivered anywhere in the world at exactly the same quality. We can set you up to manage your own print as you need it. Or we can do that for you. Managing your own print once your book is ready is simple. Our long experience in print and book production means that when your book leaves us for the printers, whether you are managing the print or we are, it has been thoroughly checked to meet the precise specifications of that particular production.

Image services

From simple touch ups that may be required to your cover and book photographs through to a full range of digital illustration and painting to book illustrations. If you have a need for art services, begin a conversation now.